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Criteria for selecting participants in the 4th World Water Forum

Dear colleagues,

The Scientific Information Center ICWC (SIC ICWC) and Global Water Partnership in Central Asia and Caucasus (GWP CACENA) are announcing a competition for representatives of Central Asia to participate in the 4th World Water Forum (Mexico, March 2006).

During the competition, 10 people to be given full financial support will be selected. The financial support is provided by the Japan Water Forum.

The criteria for selecting participants are as follow:

1. Candidate should be registered as a speaker in one of the forum sessions (registration at:

2. Representatives of decision makers from each of the five countries in the region should be included in the membership of the group.

3. At least 30% of participants should be representatives from NGOs in the region, half of them should be women.

4. Candidate should have uninterrupted service experience related to water resources in one institution no less than 10 years; no less than 5 years as water user.

5. Candidate should have experience in advanced technologies, organizing water conservation or research and development in this respect.

6. Candidate should directly participate in preparatory process for the 4th WWF within the framework of one of five main themes or five cross-cutting perspectives.

The Commission for selecting candidates consists of:

  1. Prof. V. Dukhovny (SIC ICWC, Chair)
  2. V. Sokolov (GWP CACENA)
  3. G.A. Negmatov (ICWC Secretariat)
  4. S. Aknazarov (Eco-Forum of Central Asia, NGO)
  5. P.D. Umarov (ICWC Training Center)

The deadline for applications is 20 December 2005, 16:00 (Tashkent time).

Send your applications via e-mail to:,
or by fax: (998 71) 166 50 97