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Sub-regional workshop
“Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management
for Well-Being and Future Development in Central Asia”
(31 October - 2 November 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Reports and presentations

Asai Sh.: Outline of the Asia-Pacific Preparatory Process towards the 4th World Water Forum

 download [PowerPoint, 6697 kB]

Nazirov A.A.: Central Asia: water for food

 download [pdf, 41 kB]

The report was presented by Mr. Khomidov M.Ya.

Altyev T.A.: Water for development in Central Asia

 download [pdf, 34 kB]

The report was presented by Mr. Mommadov B.A.

Khamraev Sh.R.: Water for environment and natural complex of Central Asia

 download [pdf, 443 kB]

Ryabtsev A.D.: Risk (flood and drought) management — consequences for the downstream

 доклад [pdf, 42 kB]

The report was presented by Mr. Kenshimov A.K.

Bekbolotov J.B.: Public participation in water resources management (in terms of WUAs in Kyrgyzstan)

 download [pdf, 33 kB]

The report was presented by Mr. Djayloobaev A.Sh.

Kenshimov A.K.: National Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency in Kazakhstan

 download [pdf, 40 kB]