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Programme Framework, Issues, Themes and Topics




Overarching Theme

Adapting to climate change

Global Changes and Risk Management

Providing Water for Sustainable Development

for Water

Migration and changing land uses, human settlements and water

Mitigating disasters

Ensuring water, sanitation and hygiene for all
- ensuring adequate infrastructure
- protecting public health in the short term

Advancing Human Development and the MDGs

Water for energy, energy for water

Water and food for ending poverty and hunger

Multiple uses of water e.g. water supply and irrigation

Basin management and transboundary water cooperation

Managing and Protecting Water Resources and their Supply Systems to Meet Human and Environmental Needs

Ensuring adequate water resources and storage infrastructure to meet agricultural, energy and urban needs

Preserving natural ecosystems

Managing and protecting surface, ground and rainwater

Implementing the right to water and sanitation for improved access

Governance and Management

Enabling Mechanisms for Development

Improving performance through regulatory approaches

Ethics, transparency, and empowerment of stakeholders

Optimizing public and private roles in water services

Institutional arrangements for efficient and effective water management

Sustainable means of financing local water authorities and systems


Pricing strategies to ensure fairness and sustainability

Pro-poor policies and strategies

Education and capacity-building strategies

Education, Knowledge and Capacity Building

Water science and technology: appropriate and innovative solutions for the 21st Century

Using professional networks and associations to strengthen the water sector