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7th World Water Forum 2015 – Selection of the Host City and Country

This Tuesday, during its 43rd Board of Governors meeting organised in Rome at the headquarters of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Water Council selected Daegu Metropolitan City and the Republic of Korea to welcome the 7th World Water Forum in 2015. The selection followed a rigorous evaluation process for the candidates, closed by a final vote of the Governors. The World Water forum is the world’s largest water event, gathering every three years more than 20,000 participants: international organisations, political leaders, parliamentarians and mayors, representatives of civil society, water professionals and scientists.

“I thank the Governors of the World Water council for this sign of confidence, and Scotland and the City of Glasgow for having competed with us to host the 7th World Water Forum. We want to work hand in hand with you,” declared Dr. Eun-kyung Park, Water Ambassador for the Republic of Korea.

After having noted the “beginning of a new adventure in cooperation with the Republic of Korea and Daegu Metropolitan City”, the President of the World Water Council, Loic Fauchon, also expressed his desire for “strong collaboration with Scotland.”

He also recalled that the vote was “conditional” upon the signature of an agreement between the World Water Council, Daegu Metropolitan City and the Korean Government, between now and 31 January 2012, so as to specify the terms of their agreement.

The Governors concluded this meeting by expressing their desire to reinforce cooperation between the World Water Council and the FAO, in order to place the issues of agriculture and food at the heart of water’s political agenda, in particular during the 6th World Water Forum, which will be held in Marseille from next 12 to 17 March.

Source: World Water Council