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Mediterranean cross-continental process

Dear colleagues and friends,

In the framework of the Mediterranean cross-continental process of the next World Water Forum, to be held in Marseille next 12-17 March 2012, 8 specific regional targets have been identified; we are now collecting contributions in order to present during the Forum the existing and/or innovative solutions, and to get if possible commitments on their achievement (solution = case studies illustrating real solutions that are sufficiently relevant to be selected for the Forum).

These "solutions" will form the basis for presentations and discussions at the Forum session, and it will be discussed earlier during the First Mediterranean Water Forum in Marrakech (Morocco) on 19-20 December 2011.

The eight Mediterranean Target Objectives are organized around 4 priorities as follow:

1. Improving water demand management

  • Med 1.1- By 2015, each Mediterranean country has set its own national objectives for water use efficiency in the various using sectors and for water allocation between the different uses (productive and environmental) and defined/implemented "efficiency plans" for achieving their short-, medium- and long-term objectives.
  • Med 1.2- By 2015/2020, Mediterranean country has set its own national objectives for improving the water productivity of rainfed and irrigated agriculture, in the framework of an integrated water and food-security strategy, and defined/implemented measures for achieving their objectives in the short, medium and long term.

2. Use of non-conventional resources

  • Med 2.1- By 2015, to ensure that national water resources planning in all Mediterranean countries includes the contribution of non-conventional resources within the global water resources systems models and analysis. This planning should take into account the related possible effects on the environment, economy, health and energy
  • Med 2.2- By 2015 to develop a common regulatory framework for the Mediterranean area that considers the specific hydroclimatics features of the region, with its singular problems of scarcity and droughts in semiarid environments. This framework must integrate the contribution of non-conventional resources with the rest of supply and demand, structural and non structural alternatives.

3. Improving water governance

  • Med 3.1- In the medium term (by 2020), every Mediterranean country - supported by multi-stakeholder national dialogues and in view of achieving cross-sectoral water resources management - has in place operational and applicable national IWRM Plans and Water Efficiency Strategies and has developed and/or substantially advanced river basin management plans, all of which are linked/align with National Development Strategies, National and/or Sectoral Financing Strategies, National Adaptation Plans and, where applicable, National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans and International Agreements regarding the protection of transboundary water bodies.
  • Med 3.2- In the medium term (by 2020), every Mediterranean country has activated and operationally implemented mechanisms for effective stakeholder participation throughout the different components of basin water resources management and has in place a functioning articulation between central and decentralised levels.

4. Urban and Industrial Wastewater collection and treatment

  • Med 4.1- By 2020, every Mediterranean country has put into force a rule supervising the discharge of industrial waste in the collective sanitation systems, and by specifying the technical, financial and monitoring modalities.
  • Med 4.2- By 2020, each Mediterranean country has defined a strategy of sustainable cost recovery (SCR) for sanitation services through the use of tariffs and fees, public subsidies and international financial assistance to ensure economical sustainability, equitable access for all and pollution control. Thematic: Tariffs, Taxes and Transfers (the "3Ts")

The identification and collection of solutions have to be done by the end of November 2011. You can send your proposals to the following email (specifying the corresponding target objective number (e.g. Med X.Y in the subject field)

You can also contribute through the web site concerning the solutions:

Thanks for your contribution.

With our best regards,
Mediterranean cross-continental process Steering Committee