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Basic provisions of the 6th World Water Forum


  • France, represented by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of Ecology and the City of Marseille
  • The World Water Council

France and Marseille:

  • Strong political commitment
  • A candidature combining energy from the local level to the highest decision-making level
  • Highlighting specific capacities and a water culture
  • A strong will to federate all stakeholders and encourage action

A Forum of Solutions

  • Prefering action over theoretical discourse and debates
  • Encouraging lasting concrete commitments through a follow-up mechanism
  • Involving wide participation (in the spirit of the “Grenelle” French model)
  • Creating true mobilization of citizens in a friendly, festive and popular atmosphere

Examples of possible solutions:

  • Governments agree to initate an intergovernmental process on water and prepare a resolution for Rio+20
  • 1, 000 schools in Africa are equipped with basic sanitation facilities
  • Creation of a “World Water Parliament”
  • 100 scholarships of “Water Innovation” are offered to students throughout the world
  • 1,000 cities sign the Istanbul Water Consensus

Draft Thematic Framework

Creating a Blue Movement: 12 key priorities for water action and 3 strategic directions

The 12 priorities for action drive the contributions of the world water community towards a more healthy, peaceful, prosperous and resilient blue planet.

They are clustered around the three pillars of sustainable development. They are completed by three crosscutting Conditions for Success.

Under each Priority for Action, a series of targets translates the identified issues into concrete and achievable objectives at all levels.

3 strategic directions:

12 key priorities for water action:

Ensure everyone’s well-being

Guarantee access to water services for all and the Right to Water

Guarantee access to integrated sanitation services for all

Contribute to improved hygiene and health through water

Protect populations and economies from risks

Contribute to cooperation and peace

Contribute to economic development

Balance multiple uses

Ensure food security

Harmonize energy and water

Protect and value ecosystem services and green growth

Keep the planet blue

Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems

Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water

Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world

Conditions for success

Good governance

Finance water for all

Enabling environment

Four Preparatory Processes of the Forum

Four Preparatory Processes of the Forum will coordinate their activities to prepare and facilitate implementation of solutions to the identified priorities for action.

Political Process

Governments, parliamentarians, local authorities develop political targets and solutions, e.g. cities commit to reduce the energy footprints of their water services under the Istanbul Water Consensus process.

Thematic Processñ

All stakeholders develop and facilitate the implementation of action targets mobilising a variety of organisations to reach the goals associated with each priority for action.

Regional Processes

In the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and in sub-regions develop and facilitate the implementation of targets referring to regional priorities, as identified in previous Fora.

Local and Citizen’s Process

Develop and facilitate the implementation of targets through citizen’s actions and local experiences.