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Amudarya River Basin

Amudarya River Basin: Papers

U.K.Awan, B. Tischbein, C. Conrad, C. Martius, M. Hafeez: Remote Sensing and Hydrological Measurements for Irrigation Performance Assessments in a Water User Association in the Lower Amu Darya River Basin [pdf, 666 kB]

B.Ye. Adenbaev, F.H. Hikmatov, O.A. Kxaydarova: Hydrological regime of the lower reaches of Amudarja river in the conditions of intensive economical use of water resources [pdf, 821 kB]

B.I. Almatov, N.A. Nuraliyev, S.Yu. Kurbanova: Season dynamics of changes in water microb structure in some water storage reservoirs of Uzbekistan [pdf, 306 kB]

Kh.T. Baymurodov: The development and extension of bivalves in the basin of the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers [pdf, 110 kB]

J. Froebrich, M. Bauer, M. Ikramova, O. Olsson: Water quantity and quality dynamics of the THCTuyamuyun Hydroengineering ComplexAnd implications for reservoir operation [pdf, 787 kB]

J. Froebrich, O. Olsson, M. Bauer, I. Normatov, G. Petrov: Improved dam operation in the Amu Darya river basin including transboundary aspects [pdf, 306 kB]

N. Ghotbi, T. Tsukatani: Interstates Cooperation for Irrigation of Amu Darya River Banks, Its Potential Role as a Solution for the Poppy Problem [pdf, 246 kB]

M. Glantz (Ed.): Water, Climate, and Development Issues in the Amudarya Basin [pdf, 457 kB]

W. Hagg, M. Hoelzle, St. Wagner, E. Mayr, Z. Klose: Glacier and runoff changes in the Rukhk catchment, upper Amu-Darya basin until 2050 [pdf, 1, 05 MB]

S. Horsman: Afghanistan and Transboundary Water Management on the Amu Darya: a Political History [pdf, 105 kB]

M.R. Ikramova: The THC flow control capacity for the Lowers of the Amudarya River [pdf, 441 kB]

M.R. Ikramova: Estimation of sediment loads: the Tuyamuyun reservoir on Amudarya river [pdf, 461 kB]

A.Kh. Karimov, D.C. McKinney: Amu Darya River Water Allocation Model [pdf, 40 kB]

Y. Kawabata, M. Kawai, M. Yamada, S. Onwona-Agyeman, V. Aparin, B. Jollibekov, T. Kurita, M. Nagai, Y. Katayama: Seasonal Changes in Water Quality of Rivers and Ground Water in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan [pdf, 464 kB]

S.E. Kurbanbaev: Climate change and its impacts on Amudarya river runoff [pdf, 1,01 MB]

E. Kurbanbaev, S.E. Kurbanbaev: Water resources: the basis for the socio-economic development in the lower reaches of the Amudarya: a case study of Karakalpakstan [pdf, 1,08 MB]

D.C. McKinney, X. Cai: Multiobjective Optimization Model for Water Allocation in the Aral Sea Basin [pdf, 42 kB]

D.C. McKinney, A.Kh. Karimov: Aral Sea Regional Allocation Model for the Amudarya River [pdf, 182 kB]

V.A. Rafikov, Kh.L. Rakhmatullaev: Compendium problems of trans-boundary water quota allocation in Central Asia [pdf, 630 kB]

M. Schluter, A.G. Savitsky, D.C. McKinney, H. Lieth: Optimizing long-term water allocation in the Amudarya river delta A water management model for ecological impact assessment [pdf, 1788 kB]

M. Schluter, E. Herrfahrdt-Pahle: Exploring resilience and transformability of a river basin in the face of socioeconomic and ecological crisis: an example from the Amudarya river basin [pdf, 868 kB]

I. Stanchin, Z. Lerman: Water in Turkmenistan [pdf, 397 kB]

A. Sidike, X. Chen, T. Liu, K. Durdiev, Y. Huang: Investigating Alternative Climate Data Sources for Hydrological Simulations in the Upstream of the Amu Darya River [pdf, 2,92 MB]

K. Wegerich: Shifting to hydrological boundaries The politics of implementation in the lower Amu Darya basin [pdf, 917 kB]