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Irrigation of pastures and hayfield meadows using Simulta-neous Impulse Sprinkling Kit (KSID-10S)


Title Irrigation of pastures and hayfield meadows using Simulta-neous Impulse Sprinkling Kit (KSID-10S)
Category of tools Sprinkling system
Field of application

Use of water resources

Usability of practice for adaptation to climate change Moderate
Implemented by Kazakh Water Management Research Institute (KazNIIWKh)
Used by

Country: Kazakhstan

Province: Jambyl Region

Local specifics

The site is located in the foothills with significant difference in elevation

Practice usage period

Start date: 01.01.2006

End date: 31.12.2007

Problem solved through this practice

Water erosion, discharge, uneven distribution of irrigation water, poor yields

Tools used in the practice

Technique and technology for irrigation based on Simultaneous Impulse Sprinkling Kit (KSID-10S)

Description of the practice and its results


Deployment of the Simultaneous Impulse Sprinkling Kit (KSID-10S) allowing extremely uniform and simultaneous dispersion of irrigation water across all sections of arable pasture or hayfield meadow.  Water expenditure at the impulse device makes 0.05-0.3 l/sec and 0.25-2.0 l/sec in the irrigation pipeline, thus, reducing (3-4 times) the costs associated with the pipeline network installation compared to other sprinkling systems (kits). The pipeline network is built of 15-25 mm diameter pipes easy to transport and assemble in mountainous conditions.

Technical characteristics:

Operation modes: automatic and manual

Irrigated area: 10 ha

Water consumption: up to 100 m3/day

Average sprinkling (rain) intensity: 0.002-0.008 mm/min


MOC: 98%

Watering automation level: 100%



  • Ensured water supply according to crops requirements with the account of changing weather conditions and moisture deposits in active soil layer;
  • Elimination of : 1) water-induced soil erosion, 2) puddling and 3) discharge run-off;
  • No need for water recirculation among irrigation sections.
Lessons learnt and recommendations made

Lessons learnt:

The advantages of impulse sprinkling irrigation were confirmed by the research efforts on other test sites of KAZNIIVKh in Jambyl Region that allowed increasing biological productivity of Golden Delicious apple variety by 10.1-36.8%, and commercial productivity – by 16.6-49.4% compared to conventional sprinkling irrigation systems.


It is necessary to continue application of similar practices in foothill areas in Central Asia subject to power supply shortages.

Source of practice

Domestic tools (outcomes of research by domestic R&D organizations)

Funding source Ministry of Agriculture of the RK
Form submission date 30.03.2018
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