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Application of tubular outlet flowmeters


Title Application of tubular outlet flowmeters
Category of tools Means and methods of water accounting
Field of application

Use of water resources

Usability of practice for adaptation to climate change Moderate
Implemented by Institute of Water Issues, Hydropower and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (IWIHE of the AS of the RTj)
Used by

Country: Tajikistan

Province: Khatlon Region

District: Jilikul

Local specifics
  • Located in the valley part of the Vakhsh River Basin (river catchment area);
  • Deep (below 3 meters) ground water occurrence;
  • Middle loamy soils.
Practice usage period

Start date: 01.04.2010

End date: 31.10.2011

Problem solved through this practice

Uneven distribution of irrigation water, lack of water accounting means to ensure observance of recommended irrigation norms for cotton

Tools used in the practice

Tubular water outlet flowmeter

Description of the practice and its results


- Construction of tubular water outlet flowmeter with removable nozzles (procurement of polyethylene piping to make tubular water outlets and matching nozzles);
- Installation of tubular water outlet flowmeter along temporary sprinklers. 


Financial and economic:

saving of irrigation water; low cost of irrigation system automation (total kit cost: $500/ha) with the service life of 5 years. 


simple design allowing a more even distribution of irrigation water stream among furrows, thus, ensuring the prescribed water supply mode.


improved working conditions of irrigators; lower labor needs/costs; enhanced mutual trust among farmers and water users.

Lessons learnt and recommendations made

Lessons learnt:

Installation and deployment of tubular water outlet flowmeter allows to improve the uniformity of irrigation stream’s distribution among furrows and conduct irrigation water accounting.


It is necessary to widely use the small-scale irrigation automation means like the tubular water outlet flowmeters which have simple design, are convenient to operate, are low-cost and mobile and ensure supply of the prescribed amount of irrigation water.

Source of practice

Domestic tools (outcomes of research by domestic R&D organizations)

Brief information on the project

Project title: Watering technology based on tubular water outlet flowmeters.

Project duration: Apr 2010-Oct 2011.

Project goal and objectives: development and deployment of a crop watering technology for dekhan farms of the Republic of Tajikistan allowing to significantly increase the efficiency of water use.

Project beneficiaries: members of “Istikol” WUA (Water User Association).

Project implementer: Institute of Water Issues, Hydropower and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the RTj

Funding source “Tajikistan Water Partnership” NGO
Information sources

Report by the Innovation Technology Department of the IWIHE of the AS of the RTj, Dushanbe, 2012, 45 p.

Form submission date 02.04.2018
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