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News: February 2007


Association of seed-farmers of Turkey will test seeds in Kyrgyzstan. Mete Komegach, the President of this Association told journalists at the Kabar Agency.

The aim of the test is to define the quality of seeds of various kinds of agricultural products. The results of the analysis will be suggested to Turkish companies.

M. Komegach thinks that the seed farming is the business and in the world market its circulation makes 50 billion $. Thus 70 % of it falls to the share of such countries as Finland, Holland, France, USA. This is because they know how to make business.

Mr. Komegach stressed that export of seeds disturbs all countries (including Iran, Azerbaijan, Syria), which he visited. This problem is vital for Kyrgyzstan too. Liberalization and privatization in the sphere of seed industry, which were held in Turkey in the eighties opened the way for new technologies and investments, promoted business and coming of foreign investments into this branch. Now Kyrgyzstan is experiencing the same processes, which will give impetus to successful development of seed-growing in the country. Mr. Komegach also told that his Association plans in near future to create regional seed-farming association.

Source: KABAR, 6.02.2007


Representatives of foreign companies study possibilities of cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in the sphere of seed-growing. President of the seed-farming association of Kyrgyzstan and Association of seed-farmers of Central Asian countries Talaibek Aidaraliev told journalists at the Kabar News Agency.

A number of businessmen from Turkey, Tajikistan and Russia arrived in Bishkek with concrete long-term initiatives on mutual cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in the sphere of seed-growing industry. With these purposes they visited the Kant machine-experimental station and other seed-growing farms. On the results of their visits the foreign guests plan to sign long-term contracts and investments suggestions.

Representatives of seed-farming associations of Turkey and Russian company Sort Line are considering the possibility of signing the contract to test kinds of seeds of kidney-bean and permanent grasses.

If Turkish seeds of kidney bean and Russian seeds of permanent grasses will be successfully tested, then in the future Kyrgyzstan will supply these countries with these seeds. Aidaraliev said.

Source: KABAR, 6.02.2007