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News: April 2007


A group of scientists and specialists of the agro-industrial complex of Turkmenistan has wrapped up a working visit to Spain. During the visit, Turkmen agricultural specialists toured Andalucia province, where they visited local agricultural university, and different enterprises of Spain.

In the course of nine days Turkmen scientists and agricultural specialists got acquainted with the system of farm production in Spain and, in particular, with work of farms united in cooperatives. The sides had exchanged views on seed-production and selection and methods and forms of farms keeping.

Spanish colleagues briefed their Turkmen guests on the current system of raising the level of specialists' skills. Special trainings are regularly arranged for the agricultural workers in the centers of scientific-research institutes and agricultural universities in each province of Spain.

As the Ashgabat correspondent of reports, the experience of the host country will be used in practice by the Turkmen agricultural specialists. In particular, members of the delegation came up with an idea to reinstate the faculty of raising the qualification in the Turkmen agricultural university and reintroduce Higher Schools of the Agro-Industrial Complex at the Ministry of agriculture of Turkmenistan.

Source:, 3.04.2007