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News: April 2007


As of 1 January 2007, according to the preliminary data of the State Statistics Committee, the number of the resident population in the Republic of Uzbekistan was 26.7 million and increased from the beginning of the current year by 346.1 thousand or 13%.

The natural increase was 411.6 thousand persons. Out of them 301 thousand persons (73.1%) belong to the rural area.

According to the preliminary data balance of migration in 2006 was -65.5 thousand persons versus -101.6 thousand persons in 2005.

In 2006 absolute and relative birth rates increased as against 2005. In 2006 the number of births was 550.7 thousand persons and increased by 17.2 thousand persons or 3.2% as compared to 2005. The birth rate was 20.7 per mille versus 20.3 per mille in 2005.

The increase in birth rate was marked in many regions of the republic. The significant increase is observed in Samarkand region (from 21.8 to 23.4 per mille), Syrdarya region (from 21.2 to 22.1 per mille) and the Republic of Karakalpakstan (from 20.6 to 21.7 per mille). The lowest birth rate is preserved in the city of Tashkent (16.6 per mille).

As compared to 2005 the number of dead decreased by 1.5 thousand persons or 1.1% and was 139.1 thousand persons.

The high death rate is marked in the city of Tashkent (8.4 per mille), the lowest one – in Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions (4.1 per mille). The death rate in the Republic of Karakalpakstan decreased from 5.8 to 5.5 per mille, in Tashkent region – from 6.8 to 6.5 per mille.

Out of the total number of dead 57.6% died of cardiovascular diseases, 7.9% - respiratory diseases, 7% - accidents, poisonings and traumas.

According to the preliminary data 8.2 thousand children died at the age under one year in 2006. The infant mortality rate increased from 14.9 per mille in 2005 to 15.4 per mille in 2006.

Out of the total number of children died at the age under one year 41.3% died of respiratory diseases, 36.5% - states occurring in perinatal period, 7.8% - congenital anomalies and 6.5% - infectious and parasitic diseases.

In 2006, 207.3 thousand marriages and 16.5 thousand divorces were registered. The divorce rate remained at the level of 2005 and was 0.6 per mille, the marriage rate increased and was 7.8 per mille versus 7 per mille in 2005.

Source: UzReport, 23.04.2007