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WP-1: Project coordination


  • Coordination of the overall project

Description of work

The coordinator is responsible to the EU commission with respect to all legal and financial matters. Due to the large consortium the project coordinator is assisted by a project manager. The manager has to oversee all administrative matters in particular budget administration as well as controlling the progress of the workpackages and the supply of the deliverables according to the woking plan. He is responsible for information flow about results, documents and project status to the project partners. For that reason the coordinator will have to establish a project homepage (www.rivertwin.org), which will be updated at regular intervals with the reports on workshops, progress of workpackages and protocols of the management board, river basin group and integration group meetings. The status of the development of the integrated scenarios in the different river basins will also be published on the project homepage. He prepares and organizes the meetings of the management board and executes the decisions of the management board and the coordinator. He will also coordinate the scenario development in the three river basins to assure a homogeneous methodology, consistency in the scenarios and information flow with respect to strategic planning of water management between the twinned river basins. In this respect, he has to follow continuously the work of the integration group together with the leader of the integration group. He has to secure the in time delivery of the reports (interim and final), the audit certificates incl.cost statements and the appropriate dissemination of the project results. He will also organize the kick-off workshop and the final conference for exchange of knowledge between the river basins.


  • Project homepage
  • Project information flyer
  • Scientific project report and audit certificates
  • Report on conclusions of the midterm project workshop and review
  • Scientific progress report and audit certificates
  • Final report incl.synthesis and comparison of water management scenarios in the three river basin

Milestones and expected results

  • Kick-off workshop and management board meeting
  • Project homepage established
  • Management report
  • Management Board meeting
  • Scientific progress report and audit certificates
  • Midterm project workshop with external review
  • Management Board meeting
  • Management report
  • Management Board meeting
  • Scientific progress report and audit certificates
  • Management Board meeting
  • Final conference and Management Board meeting
  • Final report and audit certificates


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