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Concept of integrated model for Chirchik-Akhangaran-Keles sub-basin (V. Dukhovny, A. Sorokin, A. Tuchin, D. Sorokin, E. Temlyantseva) [pdf, 269 kB]

Concept of WP 7 fulfillment within RIVERTWIN project (Yu. Rysbekov) [pdf, 19 kB]

Concept of block “Public participation and awareness” realization (Yu. Rysbekov) [pdf, 146 kB]

Soils of Chirchik-Akhangaran Basin (G. Stulina) [pdf, 162 kB]

Climatic changes and their impact on water resources of Chirchik-Akhangaran hydrological area (G. Stulina) [pdf, 442 kB]

D24, Report about databases on water demand, water resources and water availability in the Chirchik basin (V.A. Dukhovny, A.G. Sorokin, D.A. Sorokin, A. Kats, G. Solodky, A. S.Degtyareva, T. Poltareva) [pdf, 315 kB]

D 25, Report on water supply effect on economic and ecological indicators in the Chirchik basin (V.A. Dukhovny, A.G. Sorokin, A. S.Degtyareva, V.G. Prikhodko, I.B. Ruziev, L.A. Averina, S.A. Nerozin) [pdf, 405 kB]

D 27, Report: Tested socio-economic model in the Chirchik basin (V.A. Dukhovny, A.I. Tuchin, S.A. Nerozin, Ye.A. Temlyantseva) [pdf, 389 kB]

D 32, Report: Adapted integrated model for river basin organization in the Chirchik river basin (V.A. Dukhovny, A.I. Tuchin, A.G. Sorokin, V. Tyugai, G. Stulina, G. Solodky, D.A. Sorokin, A. Katz, V. Shakhov, M. Khamidov, A. Laktionov) [pdf, 549 kB]


Common approach to the Scenarios building in Central Asia /presentation/ (V. Dukhovny) [pdf, 171 kB]

HBV Model Testing and Adaptation to Chirchik-Akhangaran-Keles Basin /presentation/ (V. Tyugay) [pdf, 168 kB]

Environmental status and ways of ChAB sustainable development /presentation/ (I. Ruziev) [pdf, 1045 kB]

Probable changes in natural conditions and environmental situation in the Chirchik and Akhangaran river basins in the future /presentation/ (I. Ruziev) [pdf, 64 kB]

Agrarian sector in Chirchik and Akhangaran river basins /presentation/ (S. Nerozin) [pdf, 214 kB]

Socio-Economic Indicators for Chirchik-Akhangaran Basin /presentation/ (V. Prikhodko) [pdf, 677 kB]

Agricultural Water Consumption Module /presentation/ (G. Solodky) [pdf, 4107 kB]

The interface of Data Base and its development for coordination of models and account of the scenarios /presentation/ (D. Sorokin) [pdf, 491 kB]

Climate Change Regions Models /presentation/ (G. Stulina) [pdf, 1697 kB]

SLISYS-EPIC /presentation/ (G. Stulina) [pdf, 1275 kB]

Scenarios of Development: the Key Approaches /presentation/ (Yu. Rysbekov) [pdf, 86 kB]

The Basic Results of the Work Package WP-7 /presentation/ (Yu. Rysbekov) [pdf, 114 kB]


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