Towards the 6th World Water Forum — Cooperative Actions for Water Security

International Conference


I. Abdullaev, S. Rakhmatullaev - Supporting transboundary cooperation through data management for IWRM: a case from Central Asia (pdf, 26 kB)

M.F. Abduraimov - Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Lower Levels of Water Users (pdf, 56 kB)

N.└. Agaltseva, ╠.Yu. Kalinin - UNECE Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary River Basins (pdf, 55 kB)

└.└. Alimdjanov - Daily planning based water distribution at the WUA level (pdf, 39 kB)

J.P. Alster - Can we develop a new paradigm for long-term water use sustainability in Central Asia? (pdf, 13 kB)

J.P. Alster - The usefulness of environmental water conventions for the CAR (pdf, 13 kB)

A.A. Aslanyan - Regarding sustainable water supply in the Republic of Armenia (pdf, 10 kB)

K.A. Anzelm - Application of water saving technologies in irrigation: Southern Kazakhstan case study (pdf, 15 kB)

A.J. Atakanov, └.╬. Naloychenko - Regulation of nutrient status of soil - guarantee of obtaining stable crop yields (pdf, 55 kB)

A. Diebold - "Serving the People of Central Asia ľ from the Glaciers to the Deltas". Aral Sea Basin Program 3 ľ Blue Peace and Blue Diplomacy (pdf, 9 kB)

A.O. Domran, V.P. Popova - Current water balance of Balkhash Lake (pdf, 14 kB)

D. Drumya - Transboundary Cooperation in the Lower Reaches of the Danube River Basin (pdf, 9 kB)

B. Fokkens - Eco-system based river restoration and a good ecological status of water bodies (pdf, 12 kB)

Yu. Gorshkov - International Cooperation and Problems in Area of Transboundary Water Sharing (pdf, 14 kB)

A.A. Grigoryants, M.G. Mitropolsky - Protection of biodiversity in Uzbekistan under climate change (pdf, 40 kB)

P. Haener - Reforcing the national water information systems a step facilitating the development of the regional information systems (pdf, 13 kB)

K.A. Hovhannisyan - Some aspects of water use in the Republic of Armenia (pdf, 10 kB)

M.G. Horst - echnical innovations in irrigation in the context of restructuring irrigated agriculture (pdf, 10 kB)

R.K. Ikramov - Results of the project ôResearch of sustainable land managementö in Uzbekistan (pdf, 13 kB)

O. Islamova, Sh. Khamdamov, S. Nerozin - Ways for Improving Water Productivity in Demonstration Plots within the Framework of the Project RESP-2 (pdf, 16 kB)

M. Reddy Junna - Approaches for improving water productivity towards global food security (pdf, 13 kB)

R.╩. Kaydarova, Kh.Ď. Supive - Standard MPLNI as a new instrument for integral assessment of water body condition and determination of permissible external loads (pdf, 87 kB)

T.K. Kamalov - Large reservoirs and problems of their safety in Central Asian countries (pdf, 31 kB)

Yu.S. Kamalov - Natural sites have the right to exist (pdf, 10 kB)

M.Yu. Kalinin, M.J. Burlibaev - Analysis of natural hydrological phenomena in Belarus and Kazakhstan (pdf, 25 kB)

└.K. Kenshimov - Some issues of cooperation in transboundary river basins with the People's Republic of China (pdf, 68 kB)

J. Kindler - Water management strategy in the Aral Sea Basin: from principal provisions of 1997 till today and moving forward to the future (pdf, 16 kB)

M.Kh. Khamidov - Transboundary water resources management: the Syrdarya river case study (pdf, 10 kB)

╠.D. Khodjaev - Green Energy and Conservation of Environmental Capacity (pdf, 45 kB)

A.A. Khomidi - The Project ôIntegrated Water Resources Management in the Khodjabakirgan Transboundary Small Riverö, Republic of Tajikistan (pdf, 62 kB)

L. Kothay, K. Papp - Hungarian participation in transboundary water management (pdf, 57 kB)

D.V. Kozlov - Water management and land reclamation in Russia: problems of education and science (pdf, 10 kB)

R. Kulmatov - Current water management and environmental problems of transboundary Zaravshan river (pdf, 58 kB)

┼. Kurbanbaev - Basic principles of ensuring water security in the lower reaches of the Amudarya river (pdf, 59 kB)

B. Libert - UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (pdf, 15 kB)

B. Libert - Capacity building for cooperation on dam safety in Central Asia (pdf, 17 kB)

B. Libert , G. Roll - EU Water Initiative National Policy Dialogue on IWRM in Central Asia and Caucasus (pdf, 10 kB)

A.V. Lineytseva, V.V. Golubtsov - Change of river flow due to degradation of glaciers (pdf, 59 kB)

╬.G. Lysenko - BWO ôAmudaryaö Experience in Transboundary Water Management and Issues of Water Security in the Amudarya River Basin (pdf, 55 kB)

A. J. Makela - Water quality monitoring - developing the use of indicators-based assessments in the Kyrgyz Republic (pdf, 12 kB)

I.M. Malkovsky, L.S. Toleubaeva - Territorial re-distribution of water resources as a strategic priority of water security in the Republic of Kazakhstan (pdf, 62 kB)

M.Kh. Mamanazarov, S.Kh. Madalieva - International cooperation in transboundary watercourses management for harmonization of water quality standards and norms (pdf, 16 kB)

J.L. Martin-Bordes, A.Aureli, L. Salame - The role of UNESCO-IHP in supporting member states on transboundary water cooperation (pdf, 16 kB)

└.S. Merkushkin - Hazardous hydrometeorological phenomena under climate change conditions (pdf, 56 kB)

E.└. Mesropyan - Some approaches to rehabilitation of urban water supply systems for improvement of their stability (pdf, 69 kB)

B. Moldobekov, └. Mandychev - Climate change in Central Asia (Case Study of Kyrgyzstan) and conservation of the runoff formation zone (pdf, 53 kB)

V.V. Morozov, └.I. Bulygin - Justification of forming optimum water & salt regime of dark chestnut soils against the background of vertical drainage under complex hydrogeological conditions of the Krasnoznamensk irrigation system (pdf, 55 kB)

Sh. Mukhamedjanov - Possibilities to Improve Water and Land Productivity in Central Asia on Example of the Project ôWater Productivity at Plot Levelö (pdf, 13 kB)

V.V. Mustafina, └.╬. Bodauova - Capacity building in water resources management (pdf, 62 kB)

└.╬. Orman - Water Resources Management in Kazakhstan (pdf, 102 kB)

I.A. Petrakov - Adoption of the integrated water resources management in the Republic of Kazakhstan (pdf, 21 kB)

I.A. Petrakov - National Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding improvement of drinking water supply for urban population (pdf, 57 kB)

Y. Pochon, A. Bernard - Key Performance Indicators for Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management (pdf, 13 kB)

T. Rashidov, ┼. An - Seismic risk and water security (pdf, 38 kB)

P.P. Rutkovsky - Assessment of degree of meeting water requirements through water-management balance (pdf, 10 kB)

Yu.Kh. Rysbekov - Transboundary water cooperation in Central Asia: on the issue of contractual responsibility of ICWC (pdf, 59 kB)

Yu.Kh. Rysbekov - ICWC of Central Asia: limits of legal capacity (pdf, 62 kB)

Yu.Kh. Rysbekov - ICWC of Central Asia: some aspects of institutionalization as of an international organization (pdf, 64 kB)

Yu.Kh. Rysbekov - Transboundary water management in Central Asia and negotiation process: to be straight (pdf, 64 kB)

E.P. Sakhvaeva - Kyrgyzstan: Water Demands of Future Generations (pdf, 10 kB)

S.S. Sanginov - Application of innovative technologies to create jobs for rural youth (pdf, 10 kB)

V. N. Shedrin - Issues of water use for land reclamation purposes in Russia (pdf, 10 kB)

S.P. Shivareva, V.I. Li, V.P. Popova - Probable dynamics of hydrological regime of the Northern Aral Sea under given economic activity and climate change in its basin (pdf, 10 kB)

K. Schneider, M. Starke, A. Klipstein, B. Hahn, G. Stulina, H.-G. Frede - Water use efficiency as subject to irrigation management on the field scale ľ a case study from Fergana Valley (pdf, 10 kB)

V.V. Sundyukov - Condition of the drinking water supply sector in Central Asian countries and its development prospects (pdf, 12 kB)

L.S. Toleubaeva, A.R. Medeu, I.M. Malkovsky - Concerning water resources and achievement of water security in the Republic of Kazakhstan (pdf, 57 kB)

I.D. Trombitskiy - Transboundary water basin management: problems of implementation in CIS (pdf, 59 kB)

S.I. Trofanchuk - Experience in Transboundary Cooperation and Exchange of Data on Water Resources in the Basin of the Seversky Donets River (pdf, 57 kB)

A. Tursunov, S. Khamzin - Water resources deficit and Uzbekistanĺs actions on effective and sustainable use of land and water (pdf, 10 kB)

└.└. Turetskiy, D.S. Shatokha - Modernization of the hydrological observation network in the basins of the Kuban, Ussuri, Oka, and Yenisei rivers (pdf, 75 kB)

K. Unger-Shayesteh, M. Muller, D. Duthmann, W. Hagg - Climate change in Central Asia ľ preliminary results from the CAWA Project (pdf, 13 kB)

K. Wegerich, J. Kazbekov, M. Yakubov - From monocentric ideal to polycentric pragmatism in the Syrdarya: searching for second best approaches (pdf, 21 kB)

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