Towards the 6th World Water Forum — Cooperative Actions for Water Security

International Conference

12-13 May 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan welcomes the participants of the International Conference with its traditional warm hospitality and would like to share during the Conference its achievements and practical experience in improving water resources management as its contribution to the regional water security.

The aim of the conference is to formulate and agree upon a regional agenda for the 6th World Water Forum which is addressed to meet the Millennium Development Goals regarding the guaranteed and sustainable access of the society, economy, and nature to water.

The conference program corresponds to thematic scope of the 6th World Water Forum main directions. The World Water Council has set 12 thematic key priorities, of which the following are the most important for the region:

  • Guarantee access to water services for all and the Right to Water
  • Contribute to cooperation and peace
  • Balance multiple uses through IWRM
  • Ensure food security
  • Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems
  • Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world.

For all of them the prerequisites for success should be Good Governance, Financing for Water and Enabling Environment.

The Conference is planned as two plenary sessions and seven parallel round-tables that should result in a collective product under the slogan From Targets to Solutions.

Opening plenary session: key reports on regional priorities

Round tables:

  • Guaranteeing Water for Future Generations
  • Ensuring Sustainable Drinking Water Supply
  • Risk Management and Water Security
  • Adoption of Innovations in Agriculture in Order to Achieve Food Security
  • International Cooperation on Transboundary Water Management on the Basis of International Water Conventions
  • Integrated Water Resources Management — as a Tool for Balancing Multiple Uses of Water
  • Climate Change and Conserving Environmental Capacity

Closing plenary session: summing-up

Final Documents of the International Conference
(pdf, 1902 kB)

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