Indicators of Sustainable Development for Central Asia Countries

Tajikistan - Socio-economic indices

National reports, strategies and action plans

Progress toward the Millennium Development Goals Tajikistan (2003)

Millennium Development Goals Achievement Progress Report: Tajikistan (2010)

Voluntary National Review of Tajikistan (2017)


GDP per capita, $ PPC

Real GDP per capita, $

Rate of GDP growth, in % to the previous year

Sructure of GDP, %:

    share of industry

    share of agriculture

    share of construction

    share of services


Foreign debt in % from GDP

Expenditures on scientific researches, % from GDP

Expenditures on environmental protection, % from GDP

Human development index

Gini index - discrepancy in earning

Population below income poverty line, in %

Annual energy consumption per capita, thousand kW

Number of population, mln people

Rate of population growth, % to the previous year

Infant mortality rate: children under-one year per 1000 births

Infant mortality rate: children under 5 years per 1000 births

Average life expectancy, years

Dynamics of birth rate (per 1000 people of the population), in %

Dynamics of death rate (per 1000 people of the population), in %