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World Water Fora

4th World Water Forum: Mexico City, Mexico, 2006

V. Dukhovny, V. Sokolov: Integrated Water Resources Management: Experience and Lessons Learned from Central Asia — towards the Fourth World Water Forum (2005)

610 kB

V. Dukhovny, V. Sokolov: Challenges and Actions for Integrated Approaches. Central Asia: Position for the 4th World Water Forum (2005)

496 kB

Local Action 1: Testing of the practical ways to implement IWRM concept in Central Asia within the pilot projects (2005)

200 kB

Local Action 2: Multi stakeholder dialogue on ways for future water resources development in Central Asia (2005)

275 kB

Sub-Regional Position Paper: Central Asia. Challenges and Actions for Integrated Approaches (2006)

201 kB

IWRM as a Basis for Social and Economic Development in Central Asia (2006)

625 kB

5th World Water Forum: Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

Towards to 5th World Water Forum: Reports from Central Asia (2009)

261 kB

5th World Water Forum: Top 25 Highlights (2009)

464 kB

6th World Water Forum: Marseille, France, 2012

Leaflet 6th World Water Forum (2010)

440 kB

Final Documents of the International Conference “Towards the 6th World Water Forum  — Cooperative Actions for Water Security” (12-13 May 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

1,9 MB

6th World Water Forum: Post-Forum Highlights

5,3 MB

Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation on Trans-boundary Water Resources in Central Asia: the Way Forward Following the Sixth World Water Forum

501 kB

9th World Water Forum: Dakar, Senegal, 2022

The Position paper 9th World Water Forum: Central Asia for peace and development. Priorities, actions and challenges for the future (2022)

20,1 MB