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Saline water use for leaching and irrigation in Dzhizak Steppe in 1975-1977

Project location

Republic of Uzbekistan, Dzhizak oblast


70. 21.39; 70.03.21

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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Project manager

T.I.Khamzina, N.G.Minashina, Uzgipromeliovodkhoz (Sredazgiprovodkhlopok) together with Soil Institute named after Dokuchaev, Moscow, Republic of Uzbekistan, 70001 1, Tashkent, Navoy str.,44


Research is devoted to study of collector-drainage water chemical composition, formed in South-Golodnostepsky canal command area; soil solution composition changes under saline water irrigation on the models in laboratory and field in order to use it in Dzhizak steppe; effectiveness of saline water usefor irrigation and soil leaching. Climate is continental. Soils-bright sierozems, meadow-sierozems, salts from non-saline to strongly saline. Ground water strongly saline. Total area is 10 th.ha (field tests) and irrigated lands of Golodnostepsky and Dzhizak regions. Accessible possibilities of saline water use for irrigation and leaching in Hunger and Dzhizak steppe. Pracrical recommendations are given.

Key words

Leaching irrigation, saline water


Author: I.Shaforost Title: "Technical project II of Dzhizak steppe irrigation and development in Uzbekistan",Sredazgiprovodkhlopok,1978. Recommendations onsaline water use for irrigation and land reclamation in Hunger and Dzhizak steppe are given. Diagram of saline water accessibility for irrigation is presented and water salinity limits are set up for different types of soils.