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Water and Nature

There are collected photos from the free information sources in this album


"Devil throat" - the photos of largest waterfall among 270 ones on the Iguasu River on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea is the saline lake between Israel and Jordan. It is the very highly saline lake in the World. Photos are given from free information sources.

Thaulow, Frits Johan Fredrik

Norwegian landscape painter, the artist pictured the river and seascapes, views of cities. Maker of the national landscape, the freezing water and rapid flow of rivers.

Seversky Donets

The river in the south of the East European Plain flows across the Belgorod and Rostov regions of Russia. It is the fourth size river of Ukraine and the important source of fresh water in the east of this country. Sometimes it is named the Northern Donets (in XVII-XVIII centuries - Severnoy Donets).

Hawaiian waves

Clark Little – Photographer from the North Shore O’ahu, Hawaii, who specialized on the waves. We suggest you look at the pretty pictures and read descriptions of them made by the photographer. Source:

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is a place where clouds are originated. Guarani' - an indigenous peoples of the border territories of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay - call this place "Big Water".

Dead Sea - Photos Gallery

The Dead Sea is a large closed lake situated between Israel and Jordan; it is called also "Salty". Photos are collected from the open internet sources.

River of Five Colors or Cano Cristales

Crystal River (Cano Cristales) originates in the south of the mountain chain Macarena, Colombia, and flows eastward to its confluence with the Guayabero river. In the Cano Kristales's river bed five colors are found: yellow, blue, green, black and red. Source:

Photographs of the Jacques Dupâquier's Collection

Jacques Dupâquier is a French scholar and historian who has repeatedly visited the Soviet Union. During his travels he has photographed many frames, which are now stocked in the foundation named "Iconotheque-Russe".

Japanese Falls

Translated into Japanese word "waterfall" sounds like "taki". And if you consider this hieroglyph, it is visually divided into two components meaning ideas of "water" and "dragon". Source:

David Doubilet - Photographer

One of the distinguished underwater photographers of our time. More than 50 years, he photographs the inhabitants of the sea depths, constantly moving to different corners of the Globe. Source:

Ice caves in the submarine world

The high-mountain lake Sassolo, situated at the altitude 2,074 meters above sea level, was formed by water flows from the alpine peaks. In winter the lake is completely frozen, and in spring it get water of the melting mountain glaciers. As a result, numerous icebergs that create amazing beauty of its submarine world are being formed in the Sassolo Lake.

Neon lake

Amazing natural phenomenon in one of the Queensland’s lakes in Australia. This lake is shining with blue light like a big neon lamp as a result of microbial activity. It is a spectacle of incomparable beauty and a very rare natural phenomenon ...

Splashes of water - Photographer: Markus Reugels

Amaizing and unique photos made by photoartist Markus Reugels.

"Yam-a-melah" - The Saline Sea

The Dead Sea is a unique place on the Earth situated between Israel and Jordan.

Amazing combination of water and sky

Alessandro Catuogno was born in the family of seafarer what explains his unique style of photos.

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