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Cactus needles inspire new method of cleaning oil from water

Tiny spikes of copper, inspired by cactus thorns, have the ability to remove micro-droplets of oil in water, according to Chinese researchers, and could lead to more effective cleanups of oil spills.


The researchers, who noted that the cone-shaped spines of cactus can harvest water from the air and move it to their base due to surface tension and the shape of the spines, emulated that natural design function in a new development using artificial spines made from copper.

Although some advances have been made in oil clean-up technology, the tiny micron-sized droplets of oil remain difficult to remove, and this recent breakthrough could address that issue. Read more

Wave Energy technology produces both clean water and clean energy

Instead of generating electricity at sea and sending it to shore, a different kind of wave energy device is in the works in Australia, and it promises to deliver not only emissions-free electricity, but also emissions-free desalinated water.


The technology, called CETO after a Greek sea goddess, is being developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, and their upcoming 2MW pilot project near the Perth Wave Energy demo site will be the first wave powered desalination plant in world. Read more

New “water chip” promises simple, portable, membrane-free water desalination

A recent breakthrough in desalination technology has led to the development of a new method for removing the salts from seawater, one nanoliter at a time.


Our limited supply of fresh water is in high demand, and as we try to cope with “peak water”, one of the strategies is to work toward making desalination technology more efficient, cheaper, and less energy-intensive. Having an affordable, simple, and effective way to turn seawater or other briny water sources into clean drinking water could mean the difference between life and death in many parts of the world. Read more

7 Ways Technology Will Provide Water for the World


Our ever-increasing population is stretching our ability to provide clean water for our needs, from agriculture and manufacturing to the most basic one of all: drinking water. But recent innovations in water technology may have some answers on tap to that problem.

1. Smart Water Metering:

Smart water meters go above and beyond the capabilities of the basic meter on the side of your house, enabling users to monitor their water usage more accurately (and only pay for the water they’ve actually used), and help water suppliers to identify leaks and thefts, as well as see where and when water usage is highest (and to charge accordingly). Read more