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Father-of-Eight Creates Genius Water Balloon Invention

A father-of-eight from Texas has come up with an invention that could transform the way hot summer days are spent and will likely have you asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

The product is called Bunch O Balloons and it’s just that, a bunch of balloons, 100 to be exact, with a special hose attachment that allows you to fill those 100 balloons with water in under one minute.

ht_water_balloon_invention“Our family does a lot of water ballooning in the summer and we’ve always filled and tied them the old fashioned way and tried the gadgets that are supposed to help but didn’t,” the inventor, Josh Malone, told ABC News. “After tens of thousands of balloons we started thinking of a better way.” Read more

Filter Drinks: Drink from River, Feed Baby

Do you want to drink from the nearest river? No problem. To make a sip from the bottle of water and turn it into a lamp in one touch? Also possible. Gadgets for all these miracles have already been invented and are being sold.

A special bottle for feeding babies was invented by two Israeli scientists for young parents. It will notify moms and dads about how much food their baby needs and when to feed him. Sleevely bottle fixes child swallows and transmits the information to the computer via Bluetooth.

sleevely2Besides monitoring the amount of eaten food, Sleevely can determine the composition of milk or food and its temperature. Computer program processes the data and provides recommendations on feeding scheldule and amount of food needed. It is assumed that the bottle will cost 29 USD. The prosuct can be ordered at Kickstarter, where two enterprising dads from Tel-Aviv raised money for their project. Read more

Clearer Than Air Robots, Coal and Peat Make Water Cleaner

Gadget which fights against black silt, peat briquettes against heavy metals and robotic jellyfish hunting for chemical products – that’s what the scientists have come up with for cleaning water reservoirs.

In USA an 8-handed robot was inventes for patroling the territorial waters. The gadget is also planned to be used for cleaning water from chemical and other contaminants. The robot was constructed by the order of the United States Navy Research Corps and the Center for Advanced Defense Studies of the United States Navy.

robotic-jellyfish2Swimming robot reminds of a jelly-fish and it was named Cyro, according to Сyanea Сapillata (the kind of jelly fish) and robot. Read more

Make a water powered flashlight

Instructables user, and TreeHugger favorite, ASCAS has created another great clean energy project that is simple to make and super useful too. Here’s what he had to say about the water powered flashlight: water-flashlight

“The flashlight runs 30 minutes continuously with tap water and 2 hours with saltwater. Not bad for a single celled prototype. This thing also works well with calculators, clocks & radios. Remember, adding a second cell triples the glow and lighting time! Read more

Make an emergency light powered by fire and water

We are fans of creative DIY designs for gadget charging and lighting. So of course we were drawn to this entry in the Instructables Green Design contest for creating a simple thermoelectric emergency generator for an LED light (or possibly other gadgets) using just a handful of parts. It is not only a neat project for creating an emergency light but also an excellent project for kids learning about science.


From the project: “I´m using a thermoelectic module, also called peltier element, TEC or TEG. You have one hot side and one cold. The temperature difference in the module will start producing electricity. The physical concept when you use it as a generator it’s called the Seebeck effect. Read more