10 Interesting Water Facts

Water is amazing natural compound in our planet. It gives life to million species on earth, it gives light to countless houses, and sometimes it turns to be a monster that kills people with no mercy.

On the following list, we are going to explore 10 interesting facts about water and less popular information about them that might can help you to solve some homework on your table right now. Let us check it out:

Fact 1:

 water footprint


when a baby is born, 80 percent material inside their body is water. Following their age, the water composition reduces slowly. At this time, we are walking creature with 70% water composition. The amazing thing is 70 percent of that 70% water is in our head.

Fact 2:
80% of space on our planet is wet land or water. We can only drink 3 percent of them and give the rest to aquatic creatures. From 3% of drinkable liquid, 2% of them are trapped in North and South poles. Water we enjoy today is coming from the rest 1 percent.

Fact 3:
Water can be a killer if we take it too much. Taking wrong dose of water can trigger Hyper-Hydration or water intoxication. This condition commonly hit athlete who take water too much after conducting heavy exercise.

Fact 4:
The weight of water on our planet is unchanged since millions of years ago. The process of water circle from molecule to rain takes approximately 10 days. Above our atmosphere, we have around 43 trillion gallons of water in a form of molecule. It is only in US’s sky alone.

Fact 5:

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Earth composes more than 326 million cubic miles of water and only 0,3 percent of them drinkable. Most of the drinkable water lays over riverbed, float in frozen arctic and lakes crust.

Fact 6:
In US, we can find more than 60,000 federal water systems that water around 85% of American. Everyday, the water system pumps and delivers more than 34 million gallons of water. The rest 15% of the population depend their water needs on their own water system.

Fact 7:
Everyday, in America, one people utilizes 80-100 gallons of water. 74% of the water wasted in toilet, 21% in laundry, and 5% in kitchen.

Fact 8:
Every time we feel thirsty our body lose one percent of its water saving. In other words, our body alarms us that they need fill up

Fact 9:
We feel lighter or our body is getting lighter after conducting exercise because we lose our water supply while we are exercising. Exercise does not instantly remove fat. Many of us have a wrong perception about this.

Fact 10:



To transfer water supplies to the heart of downtown area, Canadian authorities and America require more than million miles of aqueducts and water pipelines. The pipelines are so long so that it can circle our planet 40 times. Cool water facts ha !

Source: http://www.factsofworld.com/

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