What are children’s water needs?

When a child is born, its water needs for healthy growth and development are supplied initially by water in the milk it drinks and then by water intake itself. 

Children need more water than adults because they grow – Remember, each new cell that forms has to be filled up mainly with water.

The growth hormone and other water regulators drive the thirst mechanism and the body’s calls for water. Because of that children are constantly and naturally dehydrated. The process of cell expansion and division uses up a great deal of water.

Parents should become aware of the volume of water their children drink. It’s their responsibility to educate and discourage addiction to manufactured colored drinks.

Once the body is dehydrated, the internal temperature rises and the body, particularly the brain, overheats. This process takes place much more quickly in a child than in an adult and kids do need to drink more water to maintain good health.

A recent survey revealed that 65% of school children between the ages of 5 and 14 drink less water than they should..

Source: http://www.health-benefit-of-water.com/

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