Water & Man

1 billion 200 million people are living near directly some water. People whose survival depends on water. Their life conditions are determined by quality of water that is getting worse and worse year by year.

Ones live in big cities other in isolation settlement. Their fields are threatened by fire day by day. People and culture on coastlines, lakes, rivers differ very much and water is that makes them connect each other in Brazil, France, Romania.

The Amazon is losing its blood without sight of any project which would be able to stop that enviromental destroying caused by man. Unlimited consuming and polluting them have just been developed thes days. Seven large rivers on the Earth can not reach the seas any more. Artificial fertilizers and industrial waste are ruining clear water.

Air and water would mean life or death to decide so groups of peoples who are living at sweet or salt water, people have set a great value on them.

Source: http://molnarzoltan.com/

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