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How water rules the world

Why should I care about water when I can get as much as I want from my kitchen sink? That question might sound very different if you lived in Flint, Michigan or in a region of the world experiencing severe drought.

Water is everything. Actually, water is shockingly bizarre in its properties and of unsurpassed importance throughout human history, yet so mundane as to often be invisible in our daily lives. Water shaped civilization. People are increasingly aware of the intimate role that water plays in our quality of life and our relationship with society and the environment. Water Is… The Indispensability of Water in Society and Lifeexplores the ways-big and small-that water rules the world. It provides a holistic perspective on water, capturing the full breadth of the science, technology, policy, history, and future outlook for the most important substance on earth, written at a level accessible to non-experts in each of these areas. Read more