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Waterbeds have a bad rap as being a motion sickness inducing relic of the yuppie 80s bedroom. Just the word waterbed brings to mind angular abstract art in varying pastels and mirror-covered, lacquered headboards. Many who have slept in older waterbeds have experienced the discomfort of climbing onto a plastic sack filled with cold water, only to wake up sweaty and stuck hours later. Worse than the temperature differential was the potential of waking up in a pool, rather than a bed.

Since then, waterbed technology has made leaps ahead. Waterbeds are available in varying firmness, ranging from the traditional, wavy bed to beds that are nearly as firm as traditional spring mattresses. One of the major benefits of the waterbed is its maintenance schedule. A traditional mattress needs to vacuumed and flipped every six months to prevent sagging and dust accumulation. A waterbed mattress can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

In the past, waterbeds have needed to be drained regularly to prevent mold and algae from eroding the mattress lining. Waterbeds are now available with special chemical water conditioners that prevent the growth of corrosive elements and keep the water from getting stale and giving off an unpleasant odor. Using the water conditioner can keep the waterbed in top shape longer and lengthen the amount of time between full water replacements.

Mattresses can be purchased online. Unlike traditional mattresses, waterbed mattresses are shipped compactly and filled to full size at home offering a much better option for shipping. It is also much easier to get an empty waterbed mattress up the stairs and into the bedroom. A filled waterbed can weigh in excess of 200 pounds, so be sure the bed is where you want it before filling the mattress.

There are many options for comparing waterbeds online, accessible through a simple search. Among the information that can be found are customer reviews, warranty information and information of the benefits of a waterbed.

The available information about the health benefits of a waterbed is largely subjective. There are some thoughts that posit the waterbed, because of its flexible surface offers better back support than a traditional mattress because it shapes to the body. However, there are other reports that say the lack of support causes more back problems. Most of the information available online agrees that waterbeds are beneficial for arthritis sufferers and that because they do not create any pressure spots, that waterbeds help prevent bedsores for people who are mostly confined to bed. It is also agreed on that waterbeds can be especially helpful for people with dust allergies because the plastic of the waterbed does not allow dust or dust mites to settle into the bed.

Cultural fun fact, Wasserbetten online is the german words for ‘waterbeds online’. Information about health benefits, hindrances and experiences vary from person to person. If you have never had a waterbed before and you are planning to try one to help with ailments such as minor back pain, arthritis, insomnia or allergies, make sure you have the option for an easy return.

Source: http://uofabaseballcamps.com/

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