Under Water Photographers By Andrew Shpatak

I’m born in Russia in a village on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. The sea itself that always catches the attention of divers and underwater photographers from all over the Soviet Union. 


I started with underwater photography recently, in 1998, with a simple underwater “boom box” “Canon” and “Epic”. Then a “Nikonos-5”, complete with wide-angle and close-up.

Andrew-Shpatak-01 Andrew-Shpatak-02 Andrew-Shpatak-03 Andrew-Shpatak-04 Andrew-Shpatak-05 Andrew-Shpatak-06 Andrew-Shpatak-08 Andrew-Shpatak-09

The first trip to the Red Sea, with colorful fish .. The first attempts to make the macro and the knowledge that this equipment was not good. ANDREY SHPATAK

Source: http://avaxnews.net

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