The top 5 benefits of drinking water

drinking-waterI’m often told that I look way younger than I really am.

Now, I have no scientific proof to this fact, but I think (I really do!) a large piece of this has to do with how much water I drink.

I drink a lot of water – about 5 liters a day.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to drink this much.

Your number is largely personal and depends on a few factors: the climate where you live; how much you exercise; if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding; medical conditions; and the list goes on.

But, a general guideline for an average healthy adult, according to The Institute of Medicine, is 2.2 liters  of water a day for women and 3 liters a day for men.

If you sometimes find plain water boring, try one of my personal faves – hint water or hint fizz – 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners – nothing but water + fruit oils and essences.

hint  was actually created for folks who didn’t like water, but didn’t want to drink sugary drinks or anything with diet sweeteners.

If you need more “ammo” on why to drink h20, here are 5 benefits of drinking water that may have you changing your mind.

1.) Supports metabolism

Water helps keeps your metabolic rate up (cellular hydration is necessary for cellular metabolism); allows you to tell whether you’re really hungry or just thirsty (you can mistake hunger for thirst), and has no sugar  or artificial sweeteners (you’re keeping  it natural – what your body likes).

2.) Promotes vitality

Dehydration can cause tired eyes, headaches, and a case of the “blahs.” Drinking enough water helps promote your wellbeing.  And remember, by the time you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated. Keep it flowing throughout the day!

3.) Helps with digestion

Staying hydrated keeps things moving along smoothly in  your digestive tract.  Water is necessary to breakdown your food and prevent constipation.

4.) Eliminates toxins

Water helps your kidneys flush out toxins you don’t need in your system through urination. Sweat is another natural way your body removes waste products – drink up!

5.) Improves muscle strength

Muscles need hydration too! When muscles have enough fluid, they can work longer and harder, helping you get stronger and have more energy – and who doesn’t want that?


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