Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

Yesterday, nations went to war for land. Today, our conflicts involve energy. And tomorrow, Brahma Chellaney writes, the battles will be about water. The award-winning author believes that Mark Twain was right when he said, “Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting over.”

waj-changThere is “blue water,” “green water,” even “virtual water.” But however labeled, water is the world’s single most important resource. Life is not possible without it. It will likely determine our future.

And it is becoming scarce. In the twentieth century, the world’s population grew by a factor of 3.8 and water use by nine. Today, with the number of people passing the seven billion mark, it should come as no surprise that more than half of humankind lives in water-stressed areas. That figure could increase to two-thirds during the next decade. Read more

Trend of the Near Future: Water from Waste

And not even just from waste, but from human waste! Bill Gates makes a lot for the development of this trend. He is actively promoting his new creation, Omniprocessor, which overcome Microsoft, the most successful business of the billionaire in a very near future.

gadget1Water from everything. Bill Gates has been invo lved in charity work for a long time. And most of all he helps people from the third world countries. One of the main problems there is a shortage of drinking water. That’s the direction where the former IT tycoon has turned. Read more

State Water Project Now Using Solar Power to Meet Pump Loads

The Department of Water Resources announced on Jan. 8, 2014 that it has begun using renewable power purchased from a Dominion Solar Holdings’ solar project to help move water through the State Water Project.

solar_panelsThe Dominion RE Camelot Solar Photovoltaic Project near Mojave in southeastern Kern County went into full commercial operation and began delivering power for the SWP on Dec. 23, 2014. The project’s single-axis photovoltaic panels directly track the sun’s movement to maximize the panels’ efficiency. Read more

Save Our Water Message Delivered 210 Million Times in 2014

save-our-waterCalifornians had the opportunity to receive the message to save water at least five times apiece in 2014 when the Save Our Water campaign ramped into high gear due to the state’s drought, delivering water conservation messages on television, radio, social media, websites and even lawn signs.

That was one of the statistics delivered today to the State Water Resources Control Board during an update by officials with the Save Our Water campaign, which is co-managed by ACWA and the Department of Water Resources.

Jennifer Persike, ACWA’s deputy executive director for external affairs and operations, told members of the State Board that additional funding given the campaign in 2014 helped to expand its reach into new channels and markets – including paid advertising. The campaign elicited 450,000 web site visits, 220,000 video views, 13,600 radio ads, 1,700 television ads and 140% increase in social media followers. Overall, the campaign achieved 210 million impressions of its message. Read more

ACWA Weighs In on Next Steps for Expiring Emergency Water Conservation Regulations

lawn_sprinklerWith the State Water Resources Control Board considering action to extend the soon-to-expire emergency water conservation regulations for another 270 days, ACWA has provided recommendations supporting the extension and suggested additional improvements.

ACWA Special Projects Manager Dave Bolland presented ACWA’s recommendations during a State Board meeting held Tuesday to discuss the role of the emergency regulations in light of the state’s ongoing drought emergency. Read more