Mimicking nature: Integrate your home hydrological cycle

The Earth’s hydrological cycle has been recycling our global water supply since the birth of the planet. Water from the surface evaporates, is cleansed in the atmosphere, and then returns to the surface, which captures every last drop in order to begin the cycle anew.


Imagine if the world, instead of recapturing rain water, had a drain like your sink or bathtub. Valuable freshwater would be lost from the cycle and lead to the eventual depletion of the planet’s water supply.

Maybe someday technology will allow us to create our own home weather systems to cleanse wastewater for reuse (or perhaps something more realistic . . . ) Until then, there are several things you can do to capture the water that flows from your tap and put it to the best use. Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, filling your dishwasher before running it, or keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge to avoid running the tap until it gets cold are all ways to add efficiency to your home hydrological cycle. When rinsing fruits or vegetables, you can capture the rinse water in a tub and use it later to water your plants (thanks to waterwise for these and other suggestions.) Get creative and find new ways to use water wisely.

By taking these small steps in imitation of nature, you can improve the efficiency of your home hydrological cycle and support a more sustainable water future for everyone.

Source: http://www.dropbydrop.eu/

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