Rivers and Lakes – Protecting Water for People and Nature

We know we need clean drinking water in order to live. But rivers and lakes – freshwater ecosystems – provide much more. They water our crops, give us fish to eat, light our homes and bring us joy.

Yet around the world we are crippling the ability of rivers and lakes to support people, plants and animals. Scientists predict that by 2025 more than two-thirds of the world’s population could face water shortages.

We can change course. We can balance across our many needs better and preserve nature’s ability to provide for future generations, too. We have new knowledge, new tools and a growing community of people committed to saving our water.

Thanks to our supporters, we work on-the-ground with people in 30 countries to secure the rivers and lakes that support our lives. We use science and strong partnerships to make big things happen.

Source: http://www.nature.org/

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