Fresh water, the greater potential of Argentina and Paraguay

Fresh water shared by Argentina and Paraguay, source of life and energy, as well as biological and cultural diversity, are the greatest potential for both countries, facing the challenge to change the matrix based on agricultural production for export, said the Paraguayan Environment Ministry, Oscar Rivas.

cuenca-del-plata“Argentina and Paraguay are two countries that share one of the greatest treasures of mankind, the Plata basin, which is among the five hydrological systems in the world and second in the continent,” said Rivas to Télam.

In an interview at the Embassy of Paraguay in Buenos Aires, Rivas said that, “the Plata basin is one of the world’s richest territories, with Paraguay entirely within it and a good part of the most important areas of production, history , populations and Argentine economies. ”

“Whatever we do, with a positive or negative impact, is something that we have in common with Argentina, and from the fresh water that we share is derived from another element that makes the existence such as the hydropower, clean but not free from environmental impacts,” said.

For Rivas, the third aspect that both countries shareis ”the biodiversity”, not only in strictly biological terms, but genetic potential that has been mainstay for the development of culture of the peoples in the region, which is present and future of our people. ”

“To that mega-biodiversity we can associate the cultural mega diversity survivor in our nations, which is not simply a nostalgic song to the native cultures, but especially a confirmation of cultures that can offer much in the solutions of the problems that are facing us today global level, “he said

Rivas opined that “knowledge about the management of territories, ecosystems and natural phenomena that have our indigenous people can give us very strong clues and answers that our academy can not offer us today.”

”Therefore we say that to address the effects of climate change, is not requires technology transfer in an one-way relationship, but the dialogue of knowledge with the people that have proven sustainable societies that can live harmoniously with its territory and its habitat. ”

“We share this in terms of potential and as to problems one of the main is the economic model which we have committed since the` 60, still in force: the one based on the agricultural export mega production” he said.

According to Rivas, “This poses serious social and environmental problems because while producing significant dividends in terms of Gross National Product, is at the expense of social exclusion and environmental subsidy.”

“This mega production that occupies territories, requires a social and environmental subsidy in the medium term, so we must generate a process of economic reconversion to the principles of sustainability govern our economic processes,” he noted Rivas said that ” the other threat that we need to face is the emergence of the mega mining, which is pushing our territories with a new demand for mining products.”

”We need to talk a little more about the social and environmental principles postulated in the Earth Charter, which is reviewed in Rio de Janeiro in June, and incorporate the responsibilities of citizenship as an emblematic element of construction of new paradigms” proposed.

Concerning sovereignty over the natural heritage assets, Rivas said that “the most important thing in this process of construction of roads that lead us to these stages of the country, region and the world we want.”

“The sovereignty of the people, final recipients of our collective actions, gain strength again today because there is a very strong process of disempowerment of the governments of nation-states, compared to large mega-corporations that set the standard macroeconomic” he said.

He concluded that “the genuine representatives of the people’s interests are the nation-state governments, and it is fundamental the political action to empower our governments in those sovereign processes that make them to transcend .”



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