Cleaning of water

In technology of processing of water the essential role is played not only by the total amount of the weighed substances, contained in it, but also their dispersity, structure, structure and properties.



The optimum technological circuit of processing of water and charge of reagents on their removal depends on the physico-chemical characteristics of insoluble impurities.

Natural waters are characterised:

  1. By the contents of big dispersial impurities determining their transparency;
  2. By presence of the painted organic substances ,causing their colour;
  3. By presence of taste and smell. The taste in most cases depends on structure and quantity of the dissolved salts, frequently also from the contents of organic impurity. The smell can be of a natural or industrial origin;
  4. By presence of easily oxidizing impurities;
  5. Alkalinity,which is defined as the sum of equivalent concentration of the anions of acids (basically���3-, ��32- , etc.);
  6. By rigidity, which is equal to the sum of equivalent concentration of cations ��2+and Mg2+in water;
  7. By the dry rest – conditional parameter determining the contents of dissolved and colloid impurities, remaining in waterafter evaporation;
  8. General containing of salts – total concentration of the mineral salts, dissolved in natural waters designed by results of separate definitions;
  9. By presence of bacterial pollution;
  10. By presence of biological pollution – various kind of seaweed;
  11. By presence of radioactive (natural and artificial origin) pollution.

Structure of water of natural superficial sources is changeable. The processes of oxidation, restoration and also biochemical processes resulting to selfcleaning of water happen there continuously. Structure of superficial waters of land very strongly changes on seasons of year, and also incidentally as a result of atmospheric precipitation. Mineralsation of underground waters, is subject considerably to smaller fluctuations.


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