Sea Gods

In all ancient cultures sea occupies the special place. Set of the gods and supernatural beings is born there. According to the legends of continental Kelts, wizard Marlin and fairy Morgana appeared in the sea, and Dilan Ail Tone (Dilan, son of waves), Valley god; in Greece there was a goddess of love Afrodita appeared from sea foam, and her brother, solar god Apollon was born on Delos island, where sea monsters find a shelter.


In Mesopotamian myths one can find Oanness – the huge fish with human head which has left ocean to bring civilization to people. Kings-dragons are sometimes kind, sometimes angry. In the legends of the Indians of Mexico it was told about great feather dragon Cesalecoatle which has left the sea and has revived mankind destroyed by a flood. He has taught people everything necessary for life and after that has left on east on the raft made of bound snakes. All these myths and legends show the influence of sea on people.

Kelts thought that gleams of light on a surface of quiet water as border between two worlds. It is certainly impossible to consider that all these stories reflect, even with exaggerations, any historical realities. In particular, in Breton legends about local floods any real fact (for example, large wave) can be turned into a myth with a set of fantastic details. But the histories about the world accidents are, probably, only poetic reflection of total destruction and following restoration.

Something has extremely changed in a society, and people have represented this change as a flood. But, anyway, these myths tell about deep impression that was made on people by destructive power of ocean. Ancient people could not imagine that storm, destroying their houses, sinking the ships, killing people, could be simply natural phenomenon explained by the climatic reasons. They saw expression of evil will or more or less just anger of a powerful god in it. Sea gods and goddesses appear in the majority of mythologies.

Greek Poseidon with his trident and crown made of seaweeds, quick-tempered and changeable, have something similar to Japanese god Susano-wo angry and vindictive, originator of earthquakes and tsunami. Scandinavian giant Egir and his severe wife Run are unaccomodating, as well as Maoric Ruacula. Peoples that have thought them up, were not connected in any way with each other, but sea gods are rather touchy and severely punish guilty for disrespect everywhere.

However sea gods that are more favourable to people appear in many mythologies. An example is an old Greek man Nerey. His appearance is rather mysterious, for he can change it and he is difficult to catch. However he knows the future and sometimes give this knowledge to the heroes, thus helping them. His fifty daughters, the waves – nereids, can rescue a sailor by bringing them on the shore, but are capable to break the ship. So, ocean gods behave differently. That is why people respect them, being afraid of them at the same time, as gods that are in anger can not only cause storm or natural disaster, but also send sea monsters on the Earth.

Strange beings the largest animals of our planet – live in ocean. The whales, cachalots reach weight that is impossible for ground animals. It is rather probable, that it has caused belief in sea monsters, bringing harm to people. In any myth about the sea a huge animal is mentioned usually one eating people and bringing disaster. Sometimes this being can leave sea, attacking a person and sometimes it waits courageous seaman at the bottom of the sea.


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