Big Peach Water Tower

On I-65 between Birmingham and Montgomery is an impressively large water tower resembling a peach. Chilton County is Alabama’s peach central. Adjacent fruit stands and establishments like the Peach Tower Restaurant radiate a unified civic vitality.


Clanton, Alabama

Clanton’s big peach is 120 feet tall, and holds 500,000 gallons of water — but it ain’t the biggest. The Peachoid in Gaffney, SC, is larger and double the volume.

Both were constructed by the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company: Gaffney’s in 1980-81 and Clanton’s in 1992.

Peach Water Tower

The Water Tower in Clanton is shaped after the area’s major income – Peaches! The tower can easily be seen from the interstate but – you owe it to yourself, especially in season, to take a quick break and take the exit for the Clanton Peach Park. Even if it is not Peach Season there are goodies to be found there, beside fresh peaches. Peach Ice Cream is in season year round – right! You might be careful if you try to snap a quick picture. They have done a better paint job on the tower in recent years – when it had a lighter fleshy tone at certain angles it became the “butt” of jokes and pictures. Now all things are

Big Peach Water Tower
Address: 7th St. South, Clanton, AL
Directions: Exit 212 off I-65.
RA Rates: Worth a Detour


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