Eating, reading, checking: Gadgets for home, water and life

If you want to read under water – please welcome a special electronic reader. If you need to check the water or food on toxines – just poke a stick at them. You can also brew tea in room temperature water, you won’t need an electric kettle, which makes powermeter twist like crazy, is not required.

Stick in the water.The largest Chinese search engine Baidu announced the release of the available «smart sticks» that are able to analyze the composition of food and water. Moreover, Kuaisou sticks are able to determine the quality of the oil, temperature, pH, and even the number of calories in food. After the end of the analysis data is transferred to the tablet or smartphone, where a special application isinstalled. It has already been named Baidu eye, similar to the Google Glass.

baidu_chopstickIf the product is dangerous for health, a red LED will switch on the stick immediately. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, now the launch of the Chinese «magic wands» in production being discussed, the estimated price is still unknown.

Would you like some tea? Gadget Mychai resembles both a kettle and teapot in functions. Tealeaves should be put in it, the needed mode should be selected on display (black, green, white or oolong tea) and it may be omitted in a bowl of water at room temperature. The device immediately begins to heat water to a temperature required for brewing the selected type of tea, which will be ready in a couple of minutes. Tea leaf remain inside Mychai, none tealeaf will leak and nothing will prevent enjoying the tea.

mychaiThis heater uses less energy and is useful in trips. However, Mychai is only a concept yet.

mychai2Taking a bath, reading a book … But the e-book that is not afraid of water is already being sold. Canadians from Kobo company presented a reader Kobo Aura H2O. You can safely dip it into the water, but do not forget to check whether the you’ve closed the ports. In this case the reader will survive immersion to a depth of one meter for half an hour.

kobo3Kobo Aura H2O has the 6,8-inch diagonal screen with resolution – 1430h1080, 1 GHz processor, and 4 GB built-in memory. Illumination and capacious battery are also available. If you read 30 minutes a day, you can not charge the reader as much as two months.


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