Free Water and Shower are Available in Moscow Parks

Moscow authorities have decided to help citizens to survive the heat. Cultural institutions and public parks will create specially equipped recreation areas and, which is most important, provide the citizens and guests of the capital with drinking water.

moskow_heatPersonnel of theatres and other places of culture and leisure was recommended to create relax-zones, equipped with fans and air conditioners. Parks are to make sheltered areas to stay in shade. Moreover, places of free water distribution will be organized in green zones, and drinking fountains will work in the largest parks. Read more

Reverse osmosis, distilled, spring or ionized? Experts weigh in on water

“Water composes half to four-fifths of you, depending on how much body fat you have. It makes up about 85 percent of your brain, 80 percent of your blood, and 70 percent of your lean muscle. The human body, like all living organisms, survives by means of an ongoing flow of energy. You are an engine, and water is your fuel, coolant, and lubricant. Water keeps you running,” states Suzanne Winckler in the UC Davis publication Groundwater.

002Generally, health-conscious folks are well aware of the importance of proper hydration. And yet, with so many options for water purification and enhancement, the question remains – which water is best? Read more

Liquid Photography by Alex Koloskov

Alex Koloskov is a talented commercial photographer, who mix of technicality, innovation and out of the box thinking.

Alex-Koloskov2Alex was born in Ukraine and currently based in Campbell, CA, USA. He completely self taught photographer, who shoot a lof of still life and splash photography. Read more

Earth’s water is older than the sun: Likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space

Water was crucial to the rise of life on Earth and is also important to evaluating the possibility of life on other planets. Identifying the original source of Earth’s water is key to understanding how life-fostering environments come into being and how likely they are to be found elsewhere.

This is an illustration of water in our Solar System through time from before the Sun's birth through the creation of the planets.

This is an illustration of water in our Solar System through time from before the Sun’s birth through the creation of the planets.

New work from a team including Carnegie’s Conel Alexander found that much of our Solar System’s water likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space. Their work is published in Science. Read more

Guide to Drinking Water


Drinking Water

We all know water is important. It makes up approximately 70% of our physiology and is critical in many areas, including digestion. However, all the water you see today is not created equal.

A lot of it has been taken from a decent source, but then has been bastardized to the point that the side effects are more dangerous than the benefits. So what water do you trust? Check out these 6 sources, and see how your current water intake is affecting your body.

Tap Water

By now you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard that most tap water is riddled with contaminants and bares little to no semblance to its original counterpart. Some of the biggest culprits for ruining your tap water include fluoride, chlorine, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Read more