Fun With Water, Cameras And Sound

Everything is not always as it seems, and in a recent optical illusion pulled off using some speakers and a rubber hose, YouTube user BrussPup makes water nearly freeze in mid-air.

shutterstockIn the video, Brusspup claims to only use a speaker, rubber hose, water, some tone generating software, a 24hz wave and a 24 frames per second (or fps) camera. The hose is attached to the water and then taped in front of a speaker, which plays the 24hz sine wave. What happens from there is pure magic. Read more

NASA’s Martian Orbiters Find Evidence Of Liquid Water On Red Planet

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has sent back some evidence that shows liquid water could still exist on the Red Planet.

mars-waterThe new images showcase finger-like markings that stream down Martian slopes when temperatures change, as well as show corresponding seasonal changes in iron minerals. Researchers refer to these dark flows as “recurring slope lineae” (RSL) and so far they have found 13 confirmed RSL sites on Mars. Read more

Water bonus flows from climate change measures

The equivalent of one-third of Melbourne’s water use could be saved each year through the implementation of efficiency measures that deal with climate change, according to a new study.

waerResearchers at the Monash Sustainability Institute analyzed the water-saving potential of 74 options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions identified in ClimateWorks Australia’s award-winning Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia. The research was published in Springer’s international journal Climatic Change. Read more

The dangers of fluoridated water

Through the growing years, many people have been told that they are blessed to have fluoride added into their water supplies. They were told that the fluoride will help keep their teeth strong, as they consume the water they need on a daily basis.

Girl-Drinking-Water-Glass-Child-KidUnknown to the masses, the fluoride (whether in drinking water, toothpastes, mouthwashes, or other dental care products) can actually do more harm than good. Read more

Could watermelon be the magic way out for muscle aches?

Many athletes have developed sore muscles after performing vigorous exercises or doing a new workout. This is due to fatigue-inducing stress on your muscles. This causes small tears in the muscle, which the muscle tissues repair themselves and in the process become stronger. However, muscle ache is uncomfortable and stressful. New research has revealed that you don’t have to go through the pain anymore, as there is a new cure to muscle aches.

Watermelon-Fruit-Smashed-MelonResearchers have discovered that watermelon has a magic way of relieving the post-workout muscle pains. If you drink watermelon juice or eat it prior to your training session, you will not feel the pain after a new workout or vigorous exercises. In a new study, athletes were given a watermelon fruit or juice enriched with watermelon before their workout. They reported less muscle soreness on the days they drank the watermelon juice before their workout. Read more