How Much Do You Use? The Story of Water

Across the nation, water is vital to every household and every community; to agriculture, energy production, and a productive economy; to wildlife, forests, and a healthy environment. America’s water resources are generally abundant but they are not limitless. It is vital as well that we have a comprehensive understanding of how much water is being used across the country so we can make wise choices in managing our water resources.

001Tracking where water goes

Every five years the U.S. Geological Survey collects data from counties all over the Nation for the national water use report, a thorough document that provides water resource managers and private citizens with accurate information on how much water is being used in specific places for a wide variety of purposes.

“Since 1950, the USGS has tracked the national water-use statistics,” said Suzette Kimball, acting USGS director. “By providing data down to the county level, we are able to ensure that water resource managers across the nation have the information necessary to make strong water-use and conservation decisions.” Read more

Water Finally Found Outside Solar System

Until now scientists, of course, guessed that there was water outside the solar system. But it has never been confirmed by facts. And the first time in history American astrananomers found clouds of water steam on a recently opened brown dwarf.

w0855To tell it short, brown dwarfs are stars of «low power», where nuclear reactions are possible only with light elements such as, for example, lithium. Such stars cool down very quickly. Temperature of recently opened cosmic object «W0855» is compared to the temperature on the North pole of the Earth. It’s curious that the photos of water clouds were made not by satellites, but from the Earth. Read more

Getting water smart, metal by metal

In an arid country like Australia, we need to make sure we do our best to conserve water and we’ve come up with a way that will help industry do just that.

It involves life cycle analysis, and it can calculate the amount of water used – both directly and indirectly – in the production of metals.

water_1To give you an idea, we calculated that it takes 1600 litres of water to make the 19 kilograms of copper in an average medium-sized car. Add up the water required to make all of the other metals found in your car and you’re practically driving around a swimming pool! Read more

Don’t waste water! Your guide to cutting your water use – and your bills

Did you know the average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day? This takes into account cooking, cleaning, washing and flushing. By making small lifestyle changes you can reduce water waste. The key to water efficiency is reducing waste, not restricting use. Here are some simple ways to be more water-efficient.

waterGleaming gnashers – Turn off the tap while brushing teeth. A running tap can waste over six litres per minute. If everyone in England and Wales did this, we could save 180 mega litres a day – enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes. Read more

The top 5 benefits of drinking water

drinking-waterI’m often told that I look way younger than I really am.

Now, I have no scientific proof to this fact, but I think (I really do!) a large piece of this has to do with how much water I drink.

I drink a lot of water – about 5 liters a day.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to drink this much.

Your number is largely personal and depends on a few factors: the climate where you live; how much you exercise; if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding; medical conditions; and the list goes on.

But, a general guideline for an average healthy adult, according to The Institute of Medicine, is 2.2 liters  of water a day for women and 3 liters a day for men.

If you sometimes find plain water boring, try one of my personal faves – hint water or hint fizz – 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners – nothing but water + fruit oils and essences.

hint  was actually created for folks who didn’t like water, but didn’t want to drink sugary drinks or anything with diet sweeteners.

If you need more “ammo” on why to drink h20, here are 5 benefits of drinking water that may have you changing your mind. Read more