Kangba Women Fetch Water With Traditional Barrels

Kangba women carry barrels to fetch water at a village on April 10, 2005 in Zuogong County of Tibet, China. Kangba people began to fetch water with the traditional barrels hundreds of years ago.

women-water01Kangba people are one of the Tibetan tribes living in Kangba Region, a juncture area of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Kangba people are famous for their beauty, toughness and straightforwardness. Read more

Water Bottle Keeps Cool by “Sweating”

botl-benjamin-helleFor all of the grossness associated with sweating, it’s a vital function for dealing with hot climates. As perspiration evaporates or is hit by a breeze, the skin is cooled. Designer Benjamin Helle took that simple concept and applied it to a new kind of water bottle, made for cyclists. Read more

Make an emergency light powered by fire and water

We are fans of creative DIY designs for gadget charging and lighting. So of course we were drawn to this entry in the Instructables Green Design contest for creating a simple thermoelectric emergency generator for an LED light (or possibly other gadgets) using just a handful of parts. It is not only a neat project for creating an emergency light but also an excellent project for kids learning about science.


From the project: “I´m using a thermoelectic module, also called peltier element, TEC or TEG. You have one hot side and one cold. The temperature difference in the module will start producing electricity. The physical concept when you use it as a generator it’s called the Seebeck effect. Read more

Dive with Tiger Sharks

“It doesn’t look like a relaxing swim in the warm waters of the Bahamas. But for Vincent Canabal it is all in a days work when it comes to feeding his favourite a 16-foot long Tiger shark Emma. The 34-year-old qualified doctor has been diving with sharks since he was just. His passion has taken him around the world.


He said: “Despite their reputation most sharks are very cautious and reluctant to approach people. The only reason why they are near divers is because we attracted them with a little bit of dog food. The main thing is to always be cautious, swim slowly without splashing and jerky movements”. The seas off the islands are home to Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Hammerheads and more”. Barcroft Media via The Daily Mirror Read more

This could be the holy Grayl of water filters

The terrible pun in the title is courtesy of Gizmag, where I learned about this device. Most serious water filters need serious pumping or squeezing or sucking as they try to force the water and all the gunk in it through a relatively small filter.


The Grayl works like a French press coffee maker, increasing the surface area of the filter to the size of the cup, reducing the pressure required significantly. It is one of those ideas that make so much sense. Read more