Aerator: More Air Equals Less Water

The easiest and cheapest way to begin conserving water right away is to install an aerator in your faucet. This simple device works by mixing air into the water flow so that the water does not fall as a solid stream. This reduces water consumption significantly without affecting convenience.

Aerators are really simple to fit; anyone can install one and special plumbing skills are not required. You can then start calculating how much money you are no longer throwing down the drain just a day after buying one.

Two different types of aerator are available, one for shower heads and one for regular faucets. Usually, they are able to cut the amount of water used, and wasted, by as much as 50%.


• Low cost: online shops sell them for as little as USD 5–6. And you won’t need to pay a plumber for installation or service.
• Less noise: water mixed with air flows almost without a sound, so you won’t wake your family up while taking your morning shower.
• Easy to use: the design of an aerator is so simple that anyone, even a child, could figure out how it works.
• Compatible with any type of faucet: any hardware store will sell a range of aerators for the kitchen, shower and bathroom.
• Acts as a filter: the aerator grid prevents rust particles flowing out of the faucet.



• Breaks easily: all aerators are made of plastic, which means that they won’t last forever. If your house has old pipes, you will have to replace the aerators quite often, since rust damages plastic after a few months. It won’t break the bank, though, as aerators don’t cost much at all.
• Takes longer to get water: you may be used to filling a mop bucket after only two minutes. With an aerator, you’ll have to wait three minutes more. But, if it helps save water, is that really such a high price to pay?


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