20 interesting facts about rain

1. In Portugal, the rain is a good reason not to go to work.

2. Rain was the cause of the weather forecasts on the radio.

When the American owner of the station was caught in the rain, he established a new category of the weather forecasting, which talked about the rain several times a day.

3. The game of darts appeared because of rain. Once the archers in the competition was caught in the rain. Going to a bar, they started throwing shortened arrows at a target on the wall.

4. In fact, rain has no smell. Flavor of what we refer to the smell of rain, in fact, isolated actin and cyanobacteria. The substance, which gives the smell of rain is called geosmin.

5. People of Uganda are not scared of thunder, since it rains with a thunderstorm about 250 times a year.

6. The citizens of Para synchronize the clocks by rain, as the rains come every day at the same time.

7. In arid Botswana people use instead of greeting the word “poola”, which means “rain”, as the national currency in the country is also called “rain”.

8. In Cuba, it rains only during a siesta, and in Thailand – only at night.

9. In the XVII century in the United Kingdom was passed the law about rain, according to which forecaster can be executed because of incorrect prediction of rain.

10. A person can remain completely dry in the rain, if it rains in the desert. In fact, there are rains in the desert, but it is impossible to know whether it rains or not, because the drops evaporate under the impact of hot air.

11. All phrases of Hydrometeorological Center about the rain have a specific meaning. For example, the phrase “short rain” is meant that the duration of rain will be no more than 3 hours. The phrase “rain is expected” means the duration of the rain for at least half a day. The phrase “without significant rainfall” does not mean that rain will not, it means that rain will fall no more than 0.3 liters per square meter.

12. The rainiest city in the world is Cherrapunji (India). During the year 26 460 mm of rain falls there.

13. The acidity of normal rain is pH 5.6. If the pH level is lower the rain is called «acid rain ». At pH 5.5 the rain kills the bacteria, but at pH 4.5 kills insects, amphibians and fish.

14. In the town Winesburg, Ohio, each year on July 29 will certainly rain, it lasts for a hundred years.

15. Today it is possible to make up the artificial rain. Particles of dry ice thrown from the plane directly to the cumulus cloud. In a cloud, carbon dioxide is enveloped with water, and falls as a snowflake, heating on the road and turning into rain. Thus, we can combat with drought or to disperse the clouds.


16. Every year, on the ground is poured 519,000 km3 of rain (every km3 – a billion tons of water).

17. About one in a hundred million people suffer from allergy to the rain. Any effect of water on the skin can cause redness, swelling, caught in the rain, such people can die.


18. In San Francisco weather station reports about rain with a degree of probability, for example, 4/6. Simply 10 local meteorologists vote on whether it will rain or not, and the result announce in “relative” form.

19. The heaviest hailstones rained from the sky in Gopalganj 14/04/1986. Weight of one hailstone exceeded 1 kg, from this “a rain,” 92 people died.

20. The rainiest places on the planet are caught short of water during the winter. After the rainy season, there comes a dry winters so that residents have to buy water in other cities.

Translation: Alina Rafalovich
Source: http://i-news.com.ua/

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