Filter Drinks: Drink from River, Feed Baby

Do you want to drink from the nearest river? No problem. To make a sip from the bottle of water and turn it into a lamp in one touch? Also possible. Gadgets for all these miracles have already been invented and are being sold.

A special bottle for feeding babies was invented by two Israeli scientists for young parents. It will notify moms and dads about how much food their baby needs and when to feed him. Sleevely bottle fixes child swallows and transmits the information to the computer via Bluetooth.

sleevely2Besides monitoring the amount of eaten food, Sleevely can determine the composition of milk or food and its temperature. Computer program processes the data and provides recommendations on feeding scheldule and amount of food needed. It is assumed that the bottle will cost 29 USD. The prosuct can be ordered at Kickstarter, where two enterprising dads from Tel-Aviv raised money for their project.

sleevelyAmerican company NDUR recently presented a water drinking straw which kills 99,9% of harmful substances. The device called Survival Straw can clean up to 95 liters of water. The construction of the straw is carefully vailed. It is only knowed that a Seychelle technology was used while constructing the gadget. This proprietary technology is special for water filtering systems.

Survival Straw is assumed to be popular among amateur tourists, who not always can find clean wdrinking water while hiking. This gadget can help to get drinking water everywhere. And the cost is not so high – 30 USD.

oko_odysseyAnother new gadget, portable multifunction filter ÖKO Odyssey, has a similar purpose. However, it reminds not a straw, but a baby food bottle. A 650 ml bottle has 2 filters: the usual carbon filter and ultraviolet filter. Besides, this bottle has a section for storing small things, it can serve as a glass, flashlight lamp and even a desktop lamp. Yet this device is sold in USA only. The price is 50 USD.

Photo: Shutterstock, Sleevely.


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