Filter Drinks: Drink from River, Feed Baby

Do you want to drink from the nearest river? No problem. To make a sip from the bottle of water and turn it into a lamp in one touch? Also possible. Gadgets for all these miracles have already been invented and are being sold.

A special bottle for feeding babies was invented by two Israeli scientists for young parents. It will notify moms and dads about how much food their baby needs and when to feed him. Sleevely bottle fixes child swallows and transmits the information to the computer via Bluetooth.

sleevely2Besides monitoring the amount of eaten food, Sleevely can determine the composition of milk or food and its temperature. Computer program processes the data and provides recommendations on feeding scheldule and amount of food needed. It is assumed that the bottle will cost 29 USD. The prosuct can be ordered at Kickstarter, where two enterprising dads from Tel-Aviv raised money for their project. Read more

Clearer Than Air Robots, Coal and Peat Make Water Cleaner

Gadget which fights against black silt, peat briquettes against heavy metals and robotic jellyfish hunting for chemical products – that’s what the scientists have come up with for cleaning water reservoirs.

In USA an 8-handed robot was inventes for patroling the territorial waters. The gadget is also planned to be used for cleaning water from chemical and other contaminants. The robot was constructed by the order of the United States Navy Research Corps and the Center for Advanced Defense Studies of the United States Navy.

robotic-jellyfish2Swimming robot reminds of a jelly-fish and it was named Cyro, according to Сyanea Сapillata (the kind of jelly fish) and robot. Read more

Protect Clean Water, Protect the Merrimack River

It wasn’t until I joined the cross-country team in high school that I began to pay closer attention to the Merrimack River and Valley that I called home. I used the winding paths along the Merrimack to challenge and build my running endurance while training for my first 5k race. I’ve seen bald eagles soar above me while commuting along the river to and from my classes at University of Massachusetts Lowell. The Merrimack River is a beautiful place: when the Pawtucket Falls freeze over in midwinter, the rushing of snowmelt come spring transforms the steady flowing river into raging rapids that bring life to the connecting wetlands and streams.

001But even the most beautiful places can quickly lose their charm. My father has long lived along the Merrimack River and tells me stories from his childhood of seeing people use the river as a dumpsite; dumping their appliances, tires, construction materials, etc. Years later we have all become a little wiser and realized from our carelessness that we do indeed all live down stream. Read more

Free Water and Shower are Available in Moscow Parks

Moscow authorities have decided to help citizens to survive the heat. Cultural institutions and public parks will create specially equipped recreation areas and, which is most important, provide the citizens and guests of the capital with drinking water.

moskow_heatPersonnel of theatres and other places of culture and leisure was recommended to create relax-zones, equipped with fans and air conditioners. Parks are to make sheltered areas to stay in shade. Moreover, places of free water distribution will be organized in green zones, and drinking fountains will work in the largest parks. Read more

Reverse osmosis, distilled, spring or ionized? Experts weigh in on water

“Water composes half to four-fifths of you, depending on how much body fat you have. It makes up about 85 percent of your brain, 80 percent of your blood, and 70 percent of your lean muscle. The human body, like all living organisms, survives by means of an ongoing flow of energy. You are an engine, and water is your fuel, coolant, and lubricant. Water keeps you running,” states Suzanne Winckler in the UC Davis publication Groundwater.

002Generally, health-conscious folks are well aware of the importance of proper hydration. And yet, with so many options for water purification and enhancement, the question remains – which water is best? Read more