BLK: Black Mineral Water

BLK Water is infused with fulvic trace minerals, which play a critical role in the growth of plant life — assisting in the transport and absorption of nutrients inside the plant cell. Once the minerals are added to pure water, the water turns black naturally without the use of any artificial dyes or colorings. The packaging assignment on this was a dream job come true for someone. Далее

Discovery Improves Understanding of How Body Maintains Water Balance

Scientists at Aston University (UK) have identified a new mechanism responsible for regulating the flow of water into and out of cells. This discovery will improve understanding of how the body maintains its water balance in health and disease.

A model for the direct regulation of rapid cellular water flow. (Credit: Image courtesy of Aston University)

Proteins called aquaporins (AQPs), which allow water flow into and out of cells were discovered by scientists in California, twenty years ago. These proteins, embedded in cell membranes, constitute the cellular ‘plumbing system’. However, the mechanism which regulates their function under different conditions has remained unclear for many years, such as the control of water flow in the kidney. Далее

Our Great Sin Against Water

The priestly accounts of the creation have fallen into discredit. So mysticism has to take refuge in the atom. The atom is a safe place not because it is small, but because you have to do complicated measurements and use underground channels to find your way there. These underground channels are concealed from the eye of the people because the plain man has not been taught to read and write size language. — Lancelot Hogben in Mathematics, the Mirror of Civilization. 

It’s obvious that we have met and exceeded Mr. Lebow’s expectation. We are world record holders in virtually all categories of consumption. It is equally obvious that massive consumption translates to massive squandering of resources and massive pollution. Далее

Water Desalination: Freshwater from the Sea

Did You Know?

  • Ocean water contains about 35,000 parts per million of salt. Fresh water contains less than 1,000 parts per million.
  • The first scientific paper on desalting was published by Arab chemists in the eighth century.
  • Desalination/distillation is one of mankind’s earliest forms of water treatment. In ancient times, many civilizations used this process on their ships to convert sea water into drinking water.
  • Today, desalination plants are used to convert sea water to drinking water on ships and in many arid regions of the world, and to treat water in other areas that is fouled by natural and unnatural contaminants. Далее

Water: The Measure of America

A subtle death-process played a godfather role in the conception and designing of the refrigerator, the vacuum cleaner, the automobile, and the turbine. Natural laws were stripped of wisdom and projected into matter. – Theodor Schwenk.

Thelma and Harold Grochocki (the couple in the cartoon, in case you didn’t recognize them) not only sprayed a heavy dose of some pretty deadly roachicides yesterday; they also fertilized, mowed, and watered their lawn, ate their fill of burgers, steak, bacon. and eggs, drove their van 63 miles, poured half a can of paint thinner and a jar of pickle juice down the drain, watched TV most of the afternoon, washed their clothes, their dishes, and their dog, bathed, perfumed, and deodorized their bodies, vacuumed the carpet, and urinated and defecated repeatedly. It is interesting that although they spent most of their day at activities that directly or indirectly contaminate water, they seem surprised that the stuff that flows on demand from the kitchen tap isn’t pristine mountain spring water. Далее